I lived it up for a while, but ultimately I lost in Monaco!

One of the ‘Bond Routes’

I had been in Nice for a few weeks taking french lessons and partying it up until I got VERY sick for a week. During that week, I felt like I was dying. If Ebola is worse than what I had, I am shocked! (I suppose 2 months of traveling, not eating right, and sleeping on beaches will do that to you…) During those hellacious days, I felt like I needed something to look forward to, so I booked a Ferrari rental in Monaco for the next weekend. Expensive, yes! But when you compare everything to the price of dinner in Manhattan – I just had to eat a couple meals at home to make up for it …And it was way more awesome! Read More


Luckily Paris was pretty empty for Germany v Brazil!

The first thing I noticed upon my arrival to Paris from Vienna (aside from the the fact it was July and FREEZING) was that there was no passport control…Was I a ‘clandestine’ (the French term for illegal immigrant)? It felt pretty weird at first but then it just kinda felt normal. Maybe Paris really is a home away from home…Over the years I’ve spent months of my life in the city of lights. I purposefully tried to steer clear of touristy sites this time but when the city gives you a great background…Take as many pics as possible! Read More

New friend alchemy! Helena & Davor

My trip to Zagreb was the result of what I call Travel Alchemy. The city wasn’t on my to-do list however, one of my friends Facebook introduced me to several of his Croatian friends and…TA-DA! I found myself in Zagreb being hosted by my new awesome friends Helena and Davor! After spending 3 days there, I think that Zagreb should be on everyone’s to-do list! Read More