New friend alchemy! Helena & Davor

My trip to Zagreb was the result of what I call Travel Alchemy. The city wasn’t on my to-do list however, one of my friends Facebook introduced me to several of his Croatian friends and…TA-DA! I found myself in Zagreb being hosted by my new awesome friends Helena and Davor! After spending 3 days there, I think that Zagreb should be on everyone’s to-do list! Read More

In my imagination, Istanbul was completely different from every other experience in my life and travel. I imagined a mix of Asian, European, and Arabic culture combined with exotic foods and spices and elaborate architecture. Luckily, its location made it a strategic choice for the layover to Tanzania and I wanted to spend 2 days there on the way. Unfortunately Turkish Airlines doesn’t allow you to space out your layover without breaking the connecting flights into 2 one-way tickets like some airlines do, but they do offer a great long layover program called Touristanbul. So I ended up spending 13 hours there initially and then 2 days there on my return from Tanzania. Read More

Where? No one I knew had ever been there, and I learned everything I knew about Montenegro from Casino Royale. Most people I talked to didn’t even really know where it was on the map. (FYI – it’s south of Croatia, you know, one of the countries on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Italy.)

The direct flight from Istanbul to Podgorica (pronounced POD gor reet zha), the capital, took less than 45 minutes…Easy boarding, no screaming kids (more on that in a separate post) and the 1 baggage carousel sized airport welcomed me with ATMs that…Surprise…used the Euro! My rental car guy met me and as we were checking over the car he asked, ‘Why Montenegro?’ I told him that I planned to visit Pluzine (pronounced PLOOZ ne) area for 2-3 days, Zablajak (pronounced ZHA be ak) for 2-3 days and Hercej Novi (pronounced HARE ceg Novi) for 3 days; he replied, ‘I think you may move here!’ He then proceeded to take me through the strict use of the car and what to do if the police stop you (and look for a bribe). I like some of the laws…mandatory lights on (all the time); you even have to have 2 spare headlights in your car. Read More